What’s New in QuickOPC.NET 5.04

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Key changes: 64-bit Development


  • The components now allow development for x64 platform running in 64-bit mode (it was previously possible to run the programs developed with QuickOPC.NET on 64-bit systems, but only in 32-bit processes). Separate set of assemblies is provided for x64 development, however the interfaces remain identical. Development for x86 platform (32-bit) continues to be fully supported.
  • For use on x64 platform, supporting software such as License Manager was also ported to 64-bits.


  • The setup program now allows the user to select which platform support (x86, x64, or both) will be installed for development.
  • On x64 platform, corresponding versions of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, Demo application, License Manager, OPC Simulation Server, and other programs will be automatically chosen and installed.
  • On x64 platform, corresponding version of OPC Core Components 3.00 Redistributables will be automatically chosen and installed (this includes proper OPC proxies and stubs).

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  • New QuickOPC.NET Bonus Pack 5.04 has been created. Assemblies built for x64 platform have been added to the installation. All existing Visual Studio 2008 and Visual Studio 2010 examples have been enhanced by x64 platform configurations. The applications provided in binary form (OpcDAQualityDecoder) are now available in x64 as well.