What's new in QuickOPC 2019.2

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See also: Versions; Previous version: What's new in QuickOPC 2019.1

Internal version number: 5.56

Key changes:

  • OPC UA PubSub support


  • For .NET Standard OPC UA, uses OPC Foundation's OPC UA .Net Standard Library 1.4.357.28.


  • For easier debugging, added NuGet symbol package for OpcLabs.QuickOpc, with PDB files for .NET Standard.

Installation and Uninstallation

  • Simplified setup choices by merging together the installation components for individual tools.

Component Improvements

  • OPC UA PubSub is now supported, initially with UADP message mapping and OPC UA UDP and OPC UA Ethernet transport protocol mappings.

Specialized Client Objects

  • A new EasyUAPublishSubscribeClient component allows (read-only) access to OPC UA PubSub configurations, accessed either through an information model in an OPC server, or stored in a binary file.


  • Added missing methods: _EasyUAClient.BrowseEventSources, _EasyUAClient.BrowseNotifiers.
  • Changed some arguments types (arrays, mainly) to be usable by broader set of COM tools. Most notable change (in C# syntax): 'out/ref object[]' changed to 'object'.
  • Added property _ValueResult.RegularizedValue. Returns value in which arrays are always arrays of System.Object (transforms to VARIANT in COM). Regularized values are necessary for some COM tools, such as VBScript.
  • Added method _UASimpleAttributeOperand.ToUAAttributeField (allows shorter code).

Component Refactorings

  • Unexpected exceptions from UA SDK are now propagated (and not just logged as internal errors), making it easier to diagnose them.

Tools and Online Services

  • The OPC Command-line Tool (OpcCmd) is now deployed during the installation, and a link to it (in interactive mode) added to the Start menu.
  • The OPC-UA Demo Publisher (UADemoPublisher) is now deployed during the installation, and a link to it added to the Start menu.

Product Options

StreamInsight Option

  • StreamInsight Option updated from StreamInsight 2.1 to StreamInsight 2.3.


  • Added examples for OPC UA PubSub.
  • Added integration example of OPC with Microsoft Trill (https://github.com/microsoft/Trill ).
  • Added several examples in C#.
  • Added many examples in Object Pascal (Delphi).
  • Added many examples in VBScript.
  • Consistently included proper error handling in all Delphi examples.
  • Consistently included proper error handling in all VBScript examples.
  • Object Pascal examples are now in Delphi 10.3 Rio.
  • Aligned organization of Delphi examples with the organization used in the C# examples.
  • Aligned organization of VBScript examples with the organization used in the C# examples.
  • Removed F# examples for .NET Framework (kept F# examples for .NET Core).
  • Removed C++ portable examples (with use of STLSoft and VOLE).

Documentation and Help

  • The Concise Reference CHM file (present in some build configurations) has been remade into a Concise Reference page in the User's Guide, and is now present in all builds.