What's new in QuickOPC 2020.2

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See also: Versions; Previous version: What's new in QuickOPC 2020.1

Internal version number: 5.58

Key changes:

  • Complex Data based on DataTypeDefinition


  • .NET Runtimes: Removed support for .NET Core 3.0 (.NET Core 3.1.0 - 3.1.1 is supported).


  • For .NET Framework, now using OPC Foundation UA-.NET-Legacy libraries as of March 25, 2020 (commit 4c456ab from January 31, 2020).
  • For .NET Standard, now using OPC Foundation UA-.NETStandard 1.4.360.33.
  • Starting with build 257.1, updated to BoxedApp SDK 2020.2.
  • Starting with build 451.1, updated to BoxedApp SDK 2020.5.


  • The Full Installer now has a Production Tools subcomponent under Tools. Selecting this component installs both the (GUI-based) LicenseManager and (console based) LMConsole.
  • The Production Installer subcomponent License Manager under Tools has been renamed to Production Tools (consistently with the Full Installer). Selecting this component installs both the (GUI-based) LicenseManager and (console based) LMConsole. Previously, only LMConsole.exe was included in the Production Installer.


  • Starting with build 451.1, binaries are no longer code-signed with SHA-1 (only SHA-256).

Component Improvements

OPC UA Complex Data

  • Added support for new complex data type model in OPC UA 1.04 (based on DataTypeDefinition). Binary encoding in Client-Server model is supported. The "old" complex data type model (based on DataTypeDictionary) is also still supported, and both models work together and in a unified way from developer's perspective.
  • For representing unions, added new UnionDataType subclass of DataType, and corresponding UnionData subclass of GenericData.
  • Added support for OptionSets.


  • Added property EasyDAAdaptableParameters.UseAdvancedPolledRefresh (default true, which means the same behavior as in previous versions). Determines whether the advanced polled refresh approach (a variant of long polling, in principle) will be used with OPC XML-DA. Setting this property to false instructs the client to use the basic polled refresh approach (with client delays, and immediate server responses). The basic polled refresh approach is intended to help with some non-compliant servers that always return from polling immediately.
  • Added properties EasyDAAdaptableParameters.SubscriptionPolledRefreshTimeoutFactor and SubscriptionPolledRefreshTimeoutIncrease, for influencing how the subscription polled refresh timeout is calculated.


  • Starting with build 451.1, examples are compiled with VS2019 (and for C++, use platform toolset v142).

Documentation and Help

  • Starting with build 451.1, documentation is no longer provided in the booklet (PDF) form.