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The QuickOPC installation also contains bonus tools and materials related to the product. The bonus material may be updated and enhanced more frequently than the base product, but it is not an official part of the product, and support for it is not guaranteed.

Note that some tools are only available with or related to QuickOPC-COM, QuickOPC.NET or QuickOPC-UA. In such case, they are labeled accordingly, or marked with corresponding COM or .NET icon further down in the text.

OPC-DA Quality Decoder

Enter the (rather cryptic) OPC-DA quality value that some tools display, press “Decode”, and this application will decode the value and show you the various bit fields contained in the OPC-DA quality.

This is a WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) application. Its source code is included in the examples solution.

UA Configuration Tool

This is an OPC Foundation tool, providing a centralized place to configure the applications based on the .NET stack, manage application certificates, manage certificate repositories, and COM interoperability. For documentation, see

The UA Configuration Tool is under OPC Foundation MIT License 1.00, whose text is also included (in license.txt file) in the installation folder of the tool.