Branding QuickOPC standalone installer

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The QuickOPC standalone installer is created using Inno Setup tool (external link: Anything that is configurable in Inno Setup can be branded. See the Inno Setup Documentation for details. Specifically, see the "Installer-Related" section on the Setup Script Sections -> [Setup] section page.

Standard branding items

Typically, following items are branded:

  • Product name.
  • Vendor name. It influences:
    • Default installation directory.
    • Default program group name.
    • Included in application name.
    • Included in application ID.
    • Used as application publisher.
  • License File (.rtf).
  • URL for the Online Support item in the program group.

Other branding items

Among others, following branding is also possible:

  • Additional files and program group items can be added to the installation.
  • File/program group item with vendor contact information.
  • Product home page URL.
  • The bitmap file to display on the left side of the wizard (.bmp, 164x314 pixels maximum=recommended size). See WizardImageFile in Inno Setup's [Setup] section.
  • The bitmap file to display in the upper right corner of the wizard (.bmp, 55x58 pixels maximum=recommended size). See WizardSmallImageFile in Inno Setup's [Setup] section.
  • Vendor (home page) URL.

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