Common Conventions

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With the help of various conventions, we try to make it easier to find and discover the information needed, and understand the products’ internal consistency.

There are also more specific conventions, used where appropriate:

Coloring Conventions

We maintain visual consistency in the product by using specific colors for certain functionality areas. This is typically seen in various icons, images and bitmaps.

Green color is used for OPC Data Access.

For example: Image024.png Image025.png Image026.png Image027.png Image028.png

Orange color is used for OPC Alarms&Events.

For example: Image029.png Image030.png Image031.png Image032.png Image033.png

Turquoise color is used for OPC Unified Architecture. Because OPC-UA supports multiple functionalities, the turquoise color is sometimes used in combination with other colors, such as green for Data, or orange for Events.

For example: Image034.png Image035.png Image036.png Image037.png