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The Connectivity Explorer application allows you to navigate through hierarchy of OPC Data Access and OPC Unified Architecture servers and data nodes. You can subscribe to data changes, and view the results live.

Connectivity Explorer is a FREE TOOL, except for the runtime part of its Excel integration features.

Features of Connectivity Explorer include:

  • Individual points, or a selected set of points, can be read or written to.
  • Point parameters can be edited before a subscription, read or write is made.
  • Multiple points can be easily subscribed to at once, using the "Bulk Add" command.
  • The live view can be turned online/offline with a single push of a button.
  • Single cell, or any range of cells can be copied to clipboard and pasted to other programs.
  • With Excel Option, selected data can be transferred to Excel, where it continues to stay subscribed, giving cell values that are dynamically updated with live OPC data.
  • Data can be copied to clipboard either statically, using their current value, or (for Excel) dynamically, using RTD function (see Excel Option).
  • The currently displayed list of points can be saved to an XML file, or retrieved from a file.
  • Various connectivity options can be configured, and the configuration can be in turn used when the same data is accessed by Excel.

Documentation (online)

Connectivity Explorer is a ClickOnce application. For installation, see Tool Downloads.