MacOS Tips and Tricks

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The information here is surely well-known to macOS users, but might be useful if you are just a beginner.

.NET Core and/or .NET 5.0+ installation
See Install .NET on macOS.
If you use the installer, the instructions from Microsoft are missing the steps needed to setup the .NET search path. Use the following commands:
export DOTNET_ROOT=/usr/local/share/dotnet
Downloading files in Terminal
Use command curl -O <URL>.
Unpacking TGZ files in Terminal
Use command tar -xvzf <filename>.
Copy&paste and drag&drop in Terminal
Right-click in the terminal gives gives a menu with contextual commands, including Copy and Paste.
You can select text with mouse, and drag it to input prompt location.
Simply selecting a text with a mouse automatically copies it to the clipboard.
Keyboard shortcut for Paste is Shift+Command+V. If you are running macOS in a VM on Windows, use Shift+Windows+V instead.