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OPC Kit Server

The demo application installed with QuickOPC, and most examples use an OPC Simulation Server that is installed together with QuickOPC. The server’s ProgID is “OPCLabs.KitServer.2”.

The demo application and the examples are designed to connect to the Simulation OPC Server in its default configuration (i.e. as shipped). In fact, some very simple examples connect to just one OPC item, named "Demo.Ramp". There are various other OPC items in this server that you can use in your own experiments too.

Note 1: When OPC proxies/stubs are not installed on the system, the product installation program installs them together with the simulation server. If, however, you are using a zipped package of OPC Kit Server, you have to make sure that OPC proxies/stubs are installed.

Note 2: Even on 64-bit platforms, the installation packages still contain (and the product installation program registers) the 32-bit (x86) binary of Simulation OPC Server. This configuration gives better OPC compatibility.


Note: This functionality is only available (or the text applies to) Windows. It is not available on Linux or macOS