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The OPC UA Demo Publisher is useful for demonstrating OPC UA PubSub. It is the publisher that we use in most of our examples for OPC UA PubSub.

For more information, see:

The demo publisher is available in multiple ways:

  • Installable for Windows, Linux and macOS (Tool Downloads)
  • Installed together with some products (QuickOPC)
  • Accessible online (broker-based communication only)

We run the OPC UA Demo Publisher on the Web for you, and publish the messages into an integrated MQTT broker. The demo publisher is available on following URL:

  • mqtt://opcua-pubsub.demo-this.com

Following queues are used for different message formats:

  • opcuademo/json
  • opcuademo/uadp/none

The public instance of OPC UA Demo Publisher has its OPC UA PubSub configuration file available for access or download from http://opcua.demo-this.com/UADemoPublisher/UADemoPublisher-PublicDemo.uabinary .

Online Service Restrictions


Note: You are only licensed to use this online service/services with connections made from QuickOPC, and not from any other software. Also, please do not use it for any kind of load or volume testing or tests that require substantial computing or network resources (such as subscribing to many variables at once), because that could have negative impact on other users, and on our ability to provide this online service. We reserve the right to deny access to online services when we detect that these conditions has not been followed.