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OPC UA Sample Server

To demonstrate capabilities of an OPC client, some OPC server is needed. Most examples use an OPC UA Sample Server provide by OPC Labs (based on OPC Foundation sample server) that is available over Internet. The server can be accessed on discovery URIs:

Note that if there is a firewall between the client machine and the server, it needs to have the corresponding ports (in the above example, 51210, 51211 and 51212) open for outbound traffic.

The demo application and the examples are designed to connect to the OPC UA Sample Server in its default configuration. In fact, some very simple examples connect to just one OPC node. For example, a dynamically changing double-precision value has node Id "nsu=http://test.org/UA/Data/; i=10854". You can either call the browsing methods to obtain other node Ids together with their descriptions, or you can simply borrow the node Ids used in our examples. There are various other OPC nodes in this server that you can use in your own experiments too.

QuickStart Alarm Condition Server (OPC UA)

We run a public Quickstart Alarm Condition Server (OPC UA) that you can use for your explorations and tests. The server is located on opcua.demo-this.com, and its endpoint URLs are:

Our example code also refers to this server, so that the examples can be run without having to set up a server locally.

The server is based on the code from OPC Foundation.

Global Discovery Server (GDS)


The server is located on opcua.demo-this.com, and its endpoint URLs are:

Local Discovery Server with Multicast Extensions (LDS-ME)


The server is running on following host:

  • opcua.demo-this.com

Online Service Restrictions


Note: You are only licensed to use this online service/services with connections made from QuickOPC, and not from any other software. Also, please do not use it for any kind of load or volume testing or tests that require substantial computing or network resources (such as subscribing to many variables at once), because that could have negative impact on other users, and on our ability to provide this online service. We reserve the right to deny access to online services when we detect that these conditions has not been followed.