UA Configuration Tool Overview

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The UA Configuration Tool (by OPC Foundation) allows the user to inspect and manage various aspects of OPC UA functionality on Windows computers.

The program covers following functionality areas:

  • Manage Security
  • Manage Application
  • Manage Certificates
  • Manage COM Interop
  • HTTP Access Rules

The tool assumes a configuration model which is widely used by some (mainly .NET-based) OPC UA applications, but which is not part of the OPC UA specification (standard). For this reason, certain functionality only works with applications that use the same configuration model. Other functionality, and most importantly that for managing certificates in Windows and directory-based certificate stores, works independently from the configuration model.

This tool is a work of OPC Foundation; we just provide an installation program. Earlier, the tool's executable was available in some OPC Foundation downloads. From OPC Foundation, the UA Configuration Tool is now only available in source form on GitHub, which limits its usability. We have therefore decided to provide an installation for the UA Configuration Tool as a gift to the community.

For installation, see Tool Downloads.

The tool ( ) is no longer maintained. Documentation: .