What's new in QuickOPC 2021.2

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See also: Versions; Previous version: What's new in QuickOPC 2021.1

Internal version number: 5.61

Key changes:

Component Improvements


  • If a network message parsing error occurs, it is now reported through the dataset message event/callback (only the first occurrence on a subscription, before a dataset receive timeout, is reported).

Component Refactorings


  • The UACodeBits class has been extended and updated with values for status codes from the newest specification. The XML documentation for each named constant now also includes its numerical value (in decimal and hexadecimal), and the corresponding status code value (in decimal and hexadecimal).

Configuration and Instrumentation

  • Enhanced event tracing in OPC UA PubSub.

Tools and Online Services

  • Added system networkInformation listInterfaces command to OpcCmd Utility and UADemoPublisher. The command shows information that describes all network interfaces on the local computer.
  • Added system networkInformation pingTest command to OpcCmd Utility and UADemoPublisher. The command tests whether a remote computer is accessible over the network.
  • Extended !diagnostics sources setSwitchValue and !diagnostics switches setValue commands with options that allow setting values of multiple switches at once, using various filters.
  • It is now possible to use comments lines (ignored by the tools) in interactive mode. The comment lines start with "::".

OpcCmd Utility

  • The uaSubscriber subscribeDataSet command now collects statistics about number of datasets received (from each combination of publisher Id, writer group and dataset writer), and displays a table with the dataset data counts before the command finishes.

Demo Servers and Publishers

  • It is now possible to run the UADemoPublisher in interactive mode, and use the publish command to start publishing.
  • The standalone installer now creates an additional shortcut (icon; also in Launcher) for the UADemoPublisher in interactive mode.
  • Added --ManualDataSetClock|-mdsc option to UADemoPublisher: Allows to use manually set date&time in simulated datasets, making their contents constant.
  • The UADemoPublisher is now also available as ClickOnce installation (for Windows).