What’s New in QuickOPC.NET 5.02

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Key changes: OPC Universal Architecture Proxy

OPC Interoperability

  • Added ability to communicate with OPC-UA (Universal Architecture) Servers through UA Proxy for OPC COM Clients. For instructions, see Advanced Topics -> OPC-UA (Universal Architecture) in the “Concepts” document.
  • Added support for OPC Common 1.10 specification. This means that IOPCServerList2 interface can now be used to retrieve information about OPC servers when available, providing better compatibility and more detailed information about the OPC servers.


  • Built with Visual Studio 2010. For highest compatibility, intentionally .NET Framework 2.0 is targeted, meaning that Visual Studio 2008 toolset is used when necessary. For all other projects (those that are not in .NET, e.g. License Manager or the Simulation OPC Server), Visual Studio 2010 toolset is used.