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For a table with all recent versions and their characteristics, see also: Versions. Links to download most of older versions are vailable form the first columns in the table.


This is the current version as available for primary download on our Web page.

What's new in QuickOPC 2018.3 (5.54, November 2018)


Versions 5.5x: What's new in QuickOPC 2018.2 (5.53, June 2018), What's new in QuickOPC 2018.1 (5.52, February 2018), What's new in QuickOPC 2017.2 (5.51, November 2017), What's new in QuickOPC 2017.1 (5.50, August 2017)

Versions 5.4x: What’s New in QuickOPC 2016.2 (5.41) (December 2016), What’s New in QuickOPC 5.40 (June 2016)

Versions 5.3x: What’s New in QuickOPC 5.35 (September 2015), What’s New in QuickOPC 5.34, What’s New in QuickOPC 5.33, What’s New in QuickOPC 5.32, What’s New in QuickOPC 5.31, What’s New in QuickOPC 5.30 (December 2013)

Versions 5.2x:

Versions 5.1x:

Versions 5.0x:


We have not released this yet, but you can get an idea of what we are working on by peeking at this page. In some cases we invite Alpha or Beta testers; contact us if you are interested.

What's new in QuickOPC 2019.1 (5.55, not yet released)